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Simple and secure video conference tool specially designed for local government

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Live Conference is a simple and secure solution for remote meetings. It includes a range of powerful tools to help you manage speakers, hold electronic votes and stream live video. Participants can join a meeting from their computer, tablet or smartphone, or by dialling in.
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“LocalGov Live were great when we were getting started and were on hand to help with any issues. We’re now flying solo but assured that LocalGov Live are there if we need them.

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Simple operation

With Live Conference, you can manage all aspects of your remote meeting – speaker queue, voting, live streaming, participant access and security – from one simple, user-friendly interface.

Electronic voting

Live Conference includes best-in-class electronic voting. You can set up different types of vote quickly and easily, display results during the meeting, and export results as a CSV file. Meeting participants can vote on their computer, tablet or smartphone.


Password-protected entry, a lobby system and microphone muting functions keep your Live Conference meetings private and secure.

Multi-platform access

Participants can join a meeting from their computer using Google Chrome, from their tablet or smartphone using the Live Conference app, or by dialling in.

Live streaming and hybrid options

Options are available to live stream your remote meetings using Live Stream and hold hybrid meetings using Live Hybrid.


  • Easy to install, configure and use
  • Includes a lobby system and password protection
  • Allows multiple moderators for each meeting
  • Wide range of speaker management tools
  • Powerful and easy-to-use electronic voting features
  • Tablet and smartphone compatible (iOS and Android)
  • Supports dial-in access
  • Integrates with Live Stream for live streaming

System requirements


Operating system
Microsoft Windows or macOS
1.4 GHz quad core (recommended)
2.6 GHz single core (minimum)
8 GB
Web browser
Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Chromium


iPad 7th generation (recommended)
iPad Mini 4 (minimum)
iOS 11
Octa core CPU and 4 GB RAM (recommended)
Quad core CPU and 2 GB RAM (minimum)
Android 6.0
Tablet must be able to install apps from Google Play

Internet connection

4Mbps download / 2Mbps upload (recommended)
1Mbps download / 1Mbps upload (minimum)

Learn more

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